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SQL Server 2012 Standard Product Key

This product is a brand new, genuine CD Product key / Serial for SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition.
Retail / Multiple language support / Genuine and Authentic / Works for both 32 & 64-bit versions.
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Works for SQL Server 2012

About SQL Server 2012

Integration of Hadoop

Organizations will use Hadoop integration to transfer data from Hadoop to SQL Server. This enables SQL Server 2012’s powerful data processing capabilities to be used to interpret and report on unstructured Hadoop data.
With an existing Hadoop cluster, XTIVIA can help you import and export data.
Unstructured data from Hadoop can be imported into SQL Server tables and combined with data warehouse and BI solutions using SQL Server Hadoop connectors. The ability to use SQL Server Integration Services to file a MapReduce or Hive request greatly increases the ability to use a NoSQL database.

Replay on a Large Scale

Companies may use Distributed Replay to evaluate modifications or a real workload without affecting development servers. We can collect a workload from a production server and “replay” it on a test machine using Distributed Replay. It’s especially useful for evaluating the effects of hardware upgrades, performance tuning, and configuration adjustments.
XTIVIA will assist you in setting up and using SQL Server 2012 Distributed Replay.
Distributed Replay is a useful method for capturing a workload from a development system and replaying it on another SQL Server. This would improve consistency testing as well as include a “real” benchmark for assessing product quality.

Support for PowerShell has been improved

PowerShell provides businesses with a rich scripting language with.Net capability. Many activities that previously involved user interaction with the servers can now be automated using PowerShell.
PowerShell scripts can be written, troubleshot, and implemented with the aid of XTIVIA.
The ability to handle SQL Server with PowerShell has been enhanced thanks to new PowerShell cmdlets.

Server Roles Defined by the User

User-Defined Server Roles enable businesses to manage permissions at the domain level rather than at the database level. This would make it easier to apply security protocols consistently across all databases on a cloud.
User-Defined Server Roles may be implemented with the aid of XTIVIA. We will assist you in creating these positions and assigning permissions to them.
Server positions were formerly set, and no additions could be made. A Server function may be generated as a result of this update, and it will extend to all databases on the server. When users need to view different databases with the same features, this would greatly simplify management.

Services for Master Data

SQL Server is a database management system. Master Data Services consolidates all data into a centralized venue. It’s made to deal with data that are inconsistent across various outlets, like non-SQL Server databases.
XTIVIA will assist in the implementation of Master Data Services. We may assist with the preparation, architecture, execution, and testing of your project.
Data from different systems can be aligned using Master Data Services. This makes it possible to get a “single version of the facts.” It also enables data integrity maintenance across various database systems, including Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM Db2.

Viewpoint of Influence

For data users, Power View enables ad hoc reporting. It gives you access to data stored in SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 using PowerPivot workbooks or tabular templates.
XTIVIA will assist with BI needs related to SQL Server 2012 software as well as previous SQL Server versions.
SQL Server Reporting Services has a tab called Power View. It has the potential to generate ad hoc reports. Power View enhances Self-Service BI by enabling live data display and visualization.

Databases that are self-contained

AlwaysOn’s functionality can be improved by using a contained database to ease database migrations.
Contained databases can be understood and implemented with the aid of XTIVIA.
On a SQL Server case, contained databases are partly segregated from other databases. User verification can be performed entirely inside the database, without the need for a SQL Server username. A enclosed database can make certain tasks easier, such as migrating a database to a new server. There are certain items that can’t be enclosed, such as connected repositories, jobs, and stored procedures in databases that aren’t contained. AlwaysOn can make database movement easier for contained databases.

Indexes in column stores

Columnstore indexes extend SQL Server 2012’s Columnar Storage capability. Significantly increased accuracy in querying vast collections of data is one of the advantages for BI.
XTIVIA will assist you in determining whether Columnstore indexes are a good match for your needs and inputting them in place.
Columnstore indexes are used to store data from a column in groups of pages. This differs from a standard SQL Server index, which stores data from rows of data in a series of pages. For a drastic rise in IO, it’s not uncommon to see a 10x efficiency boost.

Data Tools for SQL Server

The Business Intelligence Design Studio’s applications are expanded by SQL Server Data Tools. It enhances Visual Studio’s database creation and management capability.
XTIVIA will collaborate with your developers to solve problems and improve results.
Business Intelligence Development Studio has been replaced by SQL Server Data Tools. It includes all of the features of BIDS, as well as schema and data comparison, SQLCLR creation, stored procedure debugging, and database development tools.

On all the time

AlwaysOn ensures that the vital SQL Server databases are always available. AlwaysOn helps you reduce both unplanned and planned downtime. AlwaysOn incorporates High Availability and Disaster Recovery into a single solution.
From preparation to execution to checking, XTIVIA will help you with an AlwaysOn implementation.
AlwaysOn Availability Groups – Availability Groups expand the database mirroring function set. Availability groups give you more power over when and how databases crash and they let you fail as a group. You can configure up to four replicas of an availability group using availability groups.
Availability of Windows Server Failover Clustering Enhancements of Windows Clustering is used for groups. Windows Server Failover clustering addresses two major issues: SQL Server clustering across subnets and the need for shared storage.

SQL Server 2012 system requirements

Processor – 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor.
RAM – 512 MB.
Disk Space – 2.2 GB.
Video – Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution (optional)
Input Devices – Keyboard and mouse (optional)
Other: Internet Access


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SQL 2012 Standard

SQL Server 2012 Standard GLOBAL KEY

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